And Another (Half) Year of Mila and Marlowe

Here we go again, I can’t quit taking photos of my mini models, Mila and Marlowe. In fact I’ve been so busy photographing and taking on a number of other creative endeavours that I’ve gone over the halfway point of the year, so this post will highlight the first eight months of the year. In these photos, Mila is five and Marlowe is three, even though they look and act like they are both ten years older. This year’s photos were taken in a variety of locations with my Canon Mark 80D. IMG_5534.jpgSo like I said, here we go again…

January IMG_4452February IMG_4453March IMG_4454April IMG_4455MayIMG_4456June IMG_5533JulyIMG_5532August IMG_5530IMG_5531

Yes, we did two mini sessions in August, since both girls’ birthdays fall during the month. It is an extra special time in our house. Even though this is my third year working on this project, I still manage to surprise myself. This year in particular I am happy with how different each month looks and feels. I also really love my location shots, like the ones taken in Cuba (Mila and Marlowe in Paradise), Toronto’s Harbourfront and their Uncle Sal’s Farm. I love taking photos so much that I am currently working on expanding my practice, but more about that in a future post. For now, here is a closer look at some of my favourite photos of the year.



And just in case you think that my job has gotten easier since the girls are a little older, let me tell you that this could not be further from the truth. In fact, Marlowe has become quite the character. Here is a sample of what I deal with during every shoot.

IMG_9595She really enjoys messing with mommy… no clue where she gets it from. Next month, Marlowe is entering Kindergarten (thank god) and Mila starts grade one. I’m looking forward to seeing how they challenge me and bring a new level of excitement to our monthly photoshoots. Stay tuned for our full yearly recap in December. IMG_5523.jpgTo see more of our photo adventures, check out:

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Mila and Marlowe at the Farm

Mila and Marlowe’s Birthday Photos

A Year of Mila and Marlowe


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