Photographing the Boys

If you know me well, you know how comfortable I am with the girls. I have two of my own, and even growing up, it was just me and my sister, and our family consisted mostly of girls. So photographing girls is definitely within my comfort zone. These past couple of months I was lucky enough to serve as official photographer to a couple of handsome little guys born to dear friends of mine. Not surprisingly, I fell in love with photographing boys. Here are a few of my favourite shots from both shoots, taken inside the boys’ Toronto homes.

Meet Liam. He’s about a month old here.

Conveniently I was able to use Mila’s name letters for Liam’s name (see what I did?)

IMG_5452Meet Liam’s dad, Adam, and his impressive body ink. IMG_2124.jpgIMG_5494Now meet Will, who conveniently also borrowed letters from both Mila and Marlowe for his name.IMG_6470

Will is about 5 months old here.

He is just as he looks: super-chill. Will’s parents are lucky people.IMG_3127Photographing the boys for a change was a lovely experience, a nice shift from my own overly energized girls (don’t believe the stereo-types). I feel lucky that my friends have entrusted me to photograph their handsome little guys and it was fun hanging out with the boys for a change.IMG_6425

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