Mila and Marlowe in Paradise

Although it may seem like I’ve been a little MIA lately, it’s only because I’ve been very present in my other life. I’ve been busy managing other sites and posting way too many pictures. So holding back a little on the home front has been a way to balance it all. But I’m here now, I’m home, and about to introduce you to my newest baby… Meet my Canon Mark 80D. Marky Mark (as I call him) joined the family at the beginning of the new year, since big bro “The Rebel” was getting a little tired of all my demands (he did just turn 5 years old after all).IMG_6322Here’s a peek at Marky Mark in action on his first vacation to Cuba, shooting one of his (and my) favourite subjects, Mila. I had recently assigned a “Faceless Portrait” project to my students, so I decided to take on the challenge myself. A faceless portrait should reveal details about the subject’s personality or life, while possessing an aura of mystery since the most important feature of the person, their face, is never revealed.
IMG_2908IMG_2897IMG_2885IMG_2871This series of faceless portraits captured Mila’s personality perfectly. She is cautious, curious, determined and strong. Don’t believe me? I’ll show you the 10 pounds of seashells she collected that week.

Marky Mark also got to know Mila’s camera loving sister, Marlowe, during our trip.IMG_2888IMG_5983

Here are Mila and Marlowe exploring the resort:

IMG_5965IMG_5943 (1)IMG_5933 (2)IMG_5949 (1)IMG_6092IMG_6088These photos are a little different from last year’s vacation photos ( Time to be a Tourist), since I was looking to capture a certain mood and get to know my new camera better.

Even though these pictures are darker and moodier than my usual style, they are not representative of the time we had. It really was another beautiful vacation with my family and I’m feeling pretty lucky to have been assistant shell collector for a week.IMG_2880.jpg

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