Another Year of Mila and Marlowe

I wasn’t sure I was going to make it through another year of monthly photoshoots of my girls, Mila and Marlowe, but I simply cannot stop taking photos of my mini models. So because I am feeling a little drained at this time of year from too much entertaining, gift wrapping and over indulging, I’ll keep it short, here is what 2016 looked like for us.

Januaryimg_8313February img_8315Marchimg_8319Aprilimg_8320Mayimg_8326Juneimg_8330Julyimg_1014Augustimg_1016Septemberimg_1572Octoberimg_1619Novemberimg_1624Decemberimg_1931

Looking back at each month, I realize that I have a very clear colour story in each shoot. There is a certain mood I try to convey through my use of colours, with the girls’ clothes, the props and the environment.

Here is a closer look at some of my favourite moments of this year:IMG_6327IMG_8021IMG_7829IMG_0509IMG_0223img_0475IMG_0874IMG_0731img_2142


This year, compared to last (A Year of Mila and Marlowe), I took on a few new challenges, including experimenting with a portrait lens and new environments. The biggest challenge however was dealing with my mini models who have become somewhat difficult clients… the kind that break out in uncontrollable giggles and suddenly run out of a shot just to get a reaction out of their mommy. However as I reflect on my year behind the lens I am pleasantly surprised to see how much I have improved as a photographer. I have become much more self aware during the shooting process, relying far less on the editing process to produce beautiful pictures.

Besides printing individual photos to display in our home, here are a few other projects I created using these pictures.

Calendar: (It makes total sense, after all they are monthly photoshoots). img_4158Cards: (Chronicling our beautiful year in a holiday card for friends and family). img_4162Ornaments: (Just cause, if I can stick a picture in it, I will.) img_4167PhotoBooks: (My Christmas gift to the girls, a personalized story book, featuring my favourite sisters. Check out I Love You Through and Through with Mila and Marlowe for details).img_4178When we started the year, Mila was four and a half and Marlowe was two and a half. Marlowe is now three and a half, the age her older sister was when we first started our monthly photoshoots. As I was debating whether I would commit to another year of these photos, Marlowe convinced me that I should when she was looking through the calendar I created using this year’s photos. She said, in her very cute voice, “Mommy, let’s do more pictures. Right now. Let’s take pictures.” So, we’re going to take more pictures. I figure I’ll stop when they tell me they don’t want to pose anymore, and being who they are, that day might never come and I’m fine with that. For now, I’m looking forward to new adventures in photography in 2017.img_1375image

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A Year of Mila and Marlowe

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