Another Autumn with Mila and Marlowe

There’s just something special about October, I don’t know if it’s the crisp air, the beautiful fall colours, or the anticipation of Halloween, but it’s never disappointing. I love October so much, that this month I accidentally did four photoshoots with my mini-models, Mila and Marlowe. Call me an over-acheiver, but just one motif wasn’t doing it for me this month. img_2268It all started on the first day of the month, which Mila had been anticipating since last year. She’s my daughter, so she loves Halloween, but mostly she loves dressing up. She had been eagerly sharing her ideas with me for our Halloween photoshoot for weeks, since she had enjoyed last year’s experience so much (Halloween at Home). IMG_3827No surprise that her idea this year consisted of dressing up in her Disney Princess costumes and playing make believe with her toys…and oh, of course she suggested that if she and her sister do a good job they should receive a special treat. They did. Here’s Ariel and Belle. img_1714img_1830img_1810img_1814Here’s Snow White. img_2013img_0679img_0678Don’t forget Minnie. img_0681Although I love Halloween, the Disney costumes can be a little cliche in photos. So a week later I wanted to do a more subtle nod to my favourite holiday. All I needed this time was some headbands and a scary cat. img_2193img_2169It’s amazing how crowns on little girls can change their whole demeanour. img_2138img_2142img_2152img_2151img_2148img_2102img_2107Midway through the month, I made a large purchase of decorative gourds to serve as inspiration for a painting project. Before the gourds served their purpose, I had to let the girls play with them. They let their imaginations run wild, pretending the various pieces of squash and pumpkin were everything from swords to microphones, it was fascinating to watch. img_2268img_2274img_2302img_2337img_2330I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, I love capturing the moments of exploration when photographing little ones. IMG_2332 (1).jpgFinally, my absolute favourite thing about autumn is fall leaves, so we had to go outside at least once this month to jump around in them. img_2396img_2403img_2404img_2421img_2433After we jumped in the leaves we went for a little walk on this brisk day.img_2461img_2490img_2472img_2477This month, instead of staging one epic monthly photoshoot, that can sometimes leave me feeling drained and my mini models feeling a little cranky, I cut it up into four smaller ones, removing the pressure of getting the perfect shot each time. What can I say, there’s just something special about October.img_1328

These photos were taken with my Canon Rebel and edited using Photos on my Macbook Pro.

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