Bye Bye Baby Rooms, Big Girl Rooms Only

I am accustomed to moving and redecorating every couple of years, so when we stayed put this year I had an urge to change some things around. But who knew that switching out a couple of beds would cause a domino effect that resulted in me pretty much redecorating the entire house… okay, I’m exaggerating, but that’s what it felt like this summer.

Starting with Marlowe’s Room. My little baby had officially outgrown the beloved crib at age three and I decided to upgrade her to a toddler bed. However, after switching out her bed, nothing else really seemed to work. Here’s the before of Marlowe’s room (A Neutral Nursery Times Three):

IMG_0623IMG_0656And…here’s the after:img_1654As you can see it feels quite a bit lighter. Luckily, Marlowe is the kind of kid who prefers to nap in a well lit room. She also has the kind of mom who spends more money on the pillows that go on the bed then the bed itself. The girls really do love all their pillows though. IMG_1607Marlowe’s side tables are from Target, the lamps are from Urban Barn and the daybed is from Ikea. For added whimsy I decided to adhere Gold Confetti Removable Stickers from Wall Pops on the wall. I had initially used them in big sister Mila’s room, and when Marlowe saw them she insisted that I also include them in her room decor (yep, I now have to contend with their demands too). Good thing they match the pillows and side tables perfectly. I arranged them to make it look like they were floating out of the lamps like bubbles.img_1605I decided to personalize the bed by applying wallpaper to the sides with my favourite white birch wallpaper left over from the basement feature wall, The Enchanted Forest Wall. It’s a small detail that ties in with the log pillows perfectly and adds to the tree theme of the room, established by the painting above the bed by yours truly. IMG_1049 Besides changing out the bed, I also switched out the book shelf and removed the large grey rocking chair and made Marlowe a little reading nook instead. IMG_1029 IMG_1033I left the dresser as is, it works quite well with the new stuff. With the exception of the bed, pillows and shelf, everything else in the room was repurposed from other rooms in the house. I ended up spending about $150 on this room revamp and I can tell you that about $100 of that was spent just on pillows. IMG_1032Now onto Mila’s room. Mila was sleeping in my old childhood daybed, which I had always liked the look of, but I found it to be a little uncomfortable (I discovered this during our late night snuggles when the monster under the bed had frightened her of course). So I found an updated version of the daybed, but since the rails were a little higher suddenly nothing else in the room seemed to work. Here’s the before of Mila’s room (A Big Girl Room For My Little Girl): IMG_0579IMG_0704IMG_0736Here’s the after: IMG_1051I decided to remove the pops of red since it was feeling a bit dated and I took out the chaise lounge to free up some space. I spent about $200 on Mila’s mini makeover. Again, mostly on pillows. But I couldn’t help it when I found pillows that matched my DIY dresser and nightstand so well (Shelf-Liner – The BEST Invention Ever).

My biggest concern when changing Mila’s bed was how it would photograph for our annual birthday photoshoots (yep, I got my priorities in order). Thankfully, it looked even better than the old bed (Mila and Marlowe’s Birthday Photos).IMG_9933Mila’s room doesn’t seem like much of a dramatic change, that is until you see the wall opposite the bed:img_1079This new feature wall is more conducive to Mila’s personality, now that she is a kindergartener. She absolutely loves to read and draw. The wall has shelves for her extensive book collection and paintings, as well as oversized clips for her artwork. There is also a mirror and a larger shelf. This wall is sponsored by Umbra, since every piece is from one of their collections. I added the Gold Confetti Removable Stickers from Wall Pops for a whimsical effect, limiting them to the top of the wall only, to make it appear like they are slowly descending down.IMG_1069 Even though Mila is growing up so fast, she still hasn’t outgrown dressing up, and since she’s my daughter, she probably never will. IMG_1064I kept her dress up area, I did however spray paint the once red clothing hanger black and placed it in the corner next to a couple of white bean bag chairs I scored at Homesense. The bean bag chairs also work great under the feature wall. Behind the door I hung some hooks so that she can hang more of her dresses and her accessories. IMG_1627Next to the closet I hung a full length mirror and balanced it with the black closet doors by adding some city name plates, also from Umbra. Like Marlowe’s room, most of the new additions in Mila’s room were repurposed from other spaces.IMG_1057Inside the closet is toy storage, nicely tucked away, easily accessible, but not visible (the way I like it).img_1083-1Just as I furnished the girls’ rooms by repurposing pieces from other rooms, I also repurposed their old furniture in other rooms (hence the feeling of redecorating the whole house.) Mila’s old toy shelf has a new home in The Basement Playroom.img_1090As well as Marlowe’s old bookshelf which fits into a little nook  in the basement. This shelf is sponsored by Disney if you can’t tell. img_1087In a small house there’s a constant feeling of playing Tetras with furniture and decor pieces. Trying to figure out what fits where, since there is no designated dumping ground. I’m not sure if I’ll ever stop redecorating, rearranging and revamping the girls’ rooms. I feel like since they change so fast, their rooms should keep up as well. Let’s just say it’s a good thing I have summers off. img_0309

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