Mila and Marlowe at the Farm

If you’re lucky enough to know someone with a cool property, like a farm, go there, bring your camera and your kiddos, dress them in their cutest attire and let them run wild so you can capture the grandness of if all. Here are some photos I took of Mila and Marlowe at their Uncle Sal’s farm. IMG_0758IMG_0874Yep, those are actual barns on the property. So cool. IMG_0840IMG_1003IMG_0933The only problem with letting them run wild is that they are literally running wild which results in some very blurry photos. I finally got the girls to stay still by the gate.
IMG_0802IMG_0794IMG_0818And inside the house is just as cool. Here are some pictures taken in the loft space:IMG_0731IMG_0732IMG_0734IMG_0737This place is so beautiful I even managed to sneak into a couple of the pictures. IMG_0891And even I couldn’t stay still. IMG_0895Despite the fact that I consider myself to be a city girl, the charm of the farm really grew on me, I even saw myself retiring on one (gasp, don’t tell the hubby). One thing is for sure, the girls would be quite happy running wild there.

Thanks Sal for exposing the girls to the farm life. I think they liked it. IMG_0835

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