The Perfect Playhouse

This post has very little to do with me, and very much to do with my hubby and his amazing ability to bring my visions to life… well, I guess it is about me then. Meet Massimo. He’s my better half, my personal chef, my live in handyman, my nemesis and creative collaborator.IMG_9506This summer, Mass and I decided that we needed to upgrade our outdoor living space, which consists of a small balcony and a smallish backyard, mostly used for growing cherry tomatoes. We came up with a couple of creative ideas, and Mass brought them to life. Don’t ask me how he does it, I have no clue, he just does. Creativity is contagious, and slightly competitive, in a way we are always striving to outdo one another. But mostly, we love that creative high, we love to make things that are original and unique. We find it so fulfilling to leave our personal touch on as much as we can in our home.IMG_0663Idea #1: We wanted to add some planters, but since space is tight, we needed something vertical. I recalled seeing some planters online that were made using skids. It just so happens that Mass’ older brother is building his own home and after a recent delivery of bricks, he had plenty of skids lying around on his property.IMG_9366 Mass grabbed a few skids and used them to build us two planters, one for flowers in the backyard and one on our balcony for easy access to herbs. He also built one for my mother, just because “he’s the best son-in-law ever.” We painted ours to match the deck and planters, and my mother decided to leave hers as is.IMG_1017IMG_9369IMG_9435Idea #2: The girls needed a playhouse. Ok, truthfully, I have always wanted one. As I started searching for one, I realized the plastic ones were too small (and ugly) and the wood ones were too large and (pricey). So I casually mentioned my dilemma to handyman Mass (banker by day) and ta da, he built me one, I mean, he built our girls one.IMG_0644So, here’s how he did it: he bought some wood, then started building, and every once in a while he called me over to ask my opinion (or I just stood over him and gave it to him anyway). I told him what I wanted and he mostly listened. It did make me nervous that he didn’t have a plan, but somehow he seemed to know what he was doing. Until it was time to build the roof that is. Remember Mass’ older brother who is building his own house? So, Mass called him to ask his advice on how to build a roof, and when the response he received was “Google it”,  Mass decided to model the playhouse’s roof after his brother’s home’s ultra modern roof…hee, hee, hee (evil laugh). IMG_0677Check out my newest pride and joy. This is the little house, complete with a mailbox, a mini kitchen and faux flowers (usually a major faux pas, but have you seen how long real flowers last near kids?) IMG_0642IMG_0708IMG_0658After my mini-photoshoot with my mini-mes in their mini-home… I realized I don’t know when to quit. Here are some of my most recent additions, including curtains, lights, planters and a side yard complete with Muskoka chairs. Yep, I am a little obsessed with this thing if you can’t tell.IMG_1022IMG_1020So if you’re wondering what the girls and I were doing while Mass was building away this summer (besides cheering him on), here’s our contribution to our outdoor space: IMG_9737Finally, our once dingy backyard feels cheerful and full of love, thanks to our favourite guy.


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