Another (Half) Year of Mila and Marlowe

June is my favourite month. It signifies the end of school, the beginning of summer and a month full of birthday celebrations for Gemini’s like myself. It is also a time to stop and reflect on the first half of the year and that means reviewing the results of my photo project, Another Year of Mila and Marlowe, an extension of last year’s photo project, A Year of Mila and Marlowe.IMG_8418

This year has been a little bit of a different experience from last year’s, mostly because my models have been a little, well, different. Mila is in Junior Kindergarten and Marlowe is Queen Bee of her Preschool. This means that my sweet little angels sometimes exhibit diva-ish behaviour (I have no idea where they learn this behaviour from and it leaves me with no choice but to blame their school friends for being such bad influences on them). So, dealing with the little divas has meant that I have had to adjust my expectations and techniques when photographing them. Might be time to update one of my more popular posts, Photographing Toddlers, since my tips and and tricks aren’t working quite as well as they used to.

Also, in order to ensure that I grow as a photographer and artist, I have set some new challenges for myself. I shot some photos using a portrait lens (which felt totally unnatural to me, since I couldn’t focus it manually).IMG_6231I edited some photos in to black and white (which is totally my aesthetic, but feels somewhat wrong when kids are your main subject-matter).

And finally I tried some new props, settings, poses, etc. Some turned out to be great ideas…IMG_6327

and others did not.

But what is important to me is to always try something a little outside my comfort zone, so that I don’t become bored with my craft, therefore continually learning and enhancing my skill set.

Here is what the first half of our year looks like:

January IMG_8312

February IMG_8314





Check back in December for a full recap of the year. If you would like to compare the first half of last year to this year, take a look at A (Half) Year of Mila and Marlowe and check out my Photo page for monthly updates.

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