Time to be a Tourist

This year is flying by. It’s already four months in and I am officially feeling guilty about not achieving all that I’ve set out to do. I blame some of my procrastinating on too much vacationing and frolicking around town. So, I will dedicate this post to my experiences as a tourist this past month. And really, what does a tourist do best? Take pictures, that’s what. Firstly, I will begin by proclaiming how much I hate even the thought of touristy photos. I never understood what possessed people to turn their experience of visiting a beautiful place into a barrage of photo snapping, poorly capturing images that have already been mastered. Way to kill the Vatican experience people.

So when we went to Cuba this year for our family vacation, I decided to attempt to stage one of my monthly photoshoots of the girls on the resort (see A Year of Mila and Marlowe). Here are a few of my favourite shots of my girls, Marlowe and Mila in Cuba: IMG_7184IMG_7199IMG_7191IMG_7223IMG_7290And if you’re wondering where my girls get their posing skills from, see daddy below: IMG_7178The photoshoot did not go as planned, hey, I don’t blame the girls for losing interest with me when there were so many other fascinating things around. But on vacay you learn to go with the flow.

My next touristy photo experience was during my second trip to Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, located in downtown Toronto. I had first visited the Aquarium a few months ago, with my daughters and close friends of ours, but it was a rather crazy experience. There were tourists everywhere. I knew it was a magical place but it didn’t feel like it at the time. It felt claustrophobic. So during my second trip, I arrived without the babies, early in the day and found it to be rather peaceful, during that first hour, that is. It was my first experience photographing in the Aquarium, and I was specifically looking for some painting inspiration. Here are some of my favourite shots from that day:

IMG_7611IMG_7760IMG_7765IMG_7729IMG_7720IMG_7724IMG_7726IMG_7649 (1)IMG_7667Now for something a little bit more abstract, water: IMG_7788IMG_7766IMG_7785IMG_7778And I couldn’t help it, here is Mr. Shark intimidating a school of fish:IMG_7643All the above photos are taken with my 5 year-old Canon Rebel and edited using Photos on my Macbook Pro.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed taking pictures at the Aquarium, as well as editing them. I consider myself to be a more of a portrait photographer, but that’s the thing about trying things a little outside your comfort zone, you grow to enjoy it and you become better in your other crafts as a result.

I am realizing that feeling guilty or being hard on yourself for not achieving your goals is a waste of energy. Just do what you love, take breaks and enjoy life. Mostly, try to learn something new in every experience and live a creatively fulfilling life at every opportunity.

And now for something very much in my comfort zone, here are some pictures of my little Easter Bunnies taken earlier this month:


Check out more of my photo work here: Photo

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