Mila and Marlowe in Autumn 

So far, I haven’t dedicated individual posts to my monthly photo-shoots of my girls, Mila and Marlowe, but October was quite magical, so this month is getting special treatment.  The girls and I have gone through a lot of change this last month, I returned to my day job and the girls started school and daycare. Understandably these last few weeks have been very rush rush for us and it was nice to stop and slow down during the Thanksgiving weekend and be reminded of our last two years as an inseparable threesome. We were blessed with good weather and after time with family and good friends, I decided to take October’s photos for A Year of Mila and Marlowe, my photo project this year. The results surprised even me and actually took my breath away. When I looked at the pictures, I saw the change that had occurred in them in the last month. They were wiser, more independent and ever so adoring of each other. As if the little time they spend apart every day makes them appreciate one another even more when they are together.

IMG_2949 (1)We started the shoot indoors, the prop of the day were mini white pumpkins, it’s October after all. I like to introduce a new prop during our photo-shoots and record the moments of discovery. In my experience, this is the best way to get “natural” photos of little ones. (Check out Photographing Toddlers  for more tips.)IMG_3008 (1)

IMG_3001 (1)IMG_2996 (1)We moved to the window sill where Mila helped Marlowe count the pumpkins, a skill she has been perfecting since she started Kindergarten in September.

IMG_3046 (2)IMG_3047 (1)IMG_3049 (1)Then we went outside, it was a beautiful day after all. I upgraded our prop to fairy wings, again, it’s October and anything goes. The dramatic shadows of the trees worked as a perfect backdrop against the brick wall, as Mila helped her sister cautiously maneuver her way through the rocks. They have been holding hands more often lately, as Mila leads Marlowe to safety or a new adventure, but Mila also needs the comfort of her little sister by her side as they discover the world together. 
IMG_3066 (1)IMG_3067 (1)IMG_3077 (1)IMG_3102 (2)And the best part of Autumn? Jumping in a pile of fall leaves. I didn’t get many “straight on” photos of the girls during their shoot, almost like they were more preoccupied with each other, and in many ways they have been, playing more and more with each other everyday, but it didn’t matter, because what I did capture was so magical. I captured the unconditional love and bond between two sisters.IMG_3082IMG_3099The best part of a year-long photo project is experimenting with different locations, props, lighting, etc. and discovering what works and what doesn’t. We have two more months left of the project and I’m already tempted to continue past that, why stop a good thing? For now we bid farewell to summer and hello to Autumn.IMG_3183 (1)

IMG_3157 (1)

These photos were taken with my Canon Rebel and edited using Photos on my MacBook Pro. Check back in December for a full recap of my photo project of Mila and Marlowe!

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