The Accessory Corner

I realize that I collect accessories more to display them, then to actually wear them. I usually only wear a few favourite pieces on a daily basis, and those are quite delicate. But I realized long a go that if I don’t display my pieces, I’ll forget I own them.IMG_2548

Having them displayed out in the open makes it easy to finish a look for a special occasion pretty quickly or to throw on one of my mini-models as a means for distraction during one of our photo-shoots (see Photographing Toddlers).

Mini-model Milana self-accessorizing
Mini-model Milana self-accessorizing

I have always been drawn to jewelry displays in stores and shops, so why not allot a little corner in my room dedicated to sparkly shiny things? I purchased the frame for my jewelry pieces from Homesense for $15. It already had the wires and some clothes pins so I didn’t have to do any extra work. I did add a few clothes pins, but otherwise it was an ideal neutral piece that fit perfectly in the little corner nook in my bedroom.IMG_2167

The mannequin positioned in front of the frame is mine from a previous life as a self-made fashion designer/seamstress. I actually used to pin my designs and sew directly on to it when my sister wasn’t readily available to be my model. I had not used this mannequin in my home in my adult life, until now. I finally found the perfect excuse to bring it into my room to hold some of my bigger accessories, such as my chunky necklaces, cuffs, belts and my Coco of course.IMG_2550

I leaned the Paris sign on top of the frame to personalize the piece a bit. The sign is part of a collection of other city names by Umbra. I picked Paris since it reminds me of our trip there a few years back, when I may have gone a little overboard shopping for accessories. So dubbing this little corner “Paris” seems quite appropriate to me. IMG_2547A few feet away from my accessory corner is my hubby’s closet, where I placed a London sign on top of the door as a reminder of the time he spent there…many many years a go. Let’s just say this is the closest he’s getting to setting foot in London again for a long long time. IMG_2192 (1)

On the other side of the room, I made myself a little make-up area. The desk and floating shelves are from Ikea. On the shelves are some framed photos and vintage jewelry boxes, which are one of my favourite things to collect. I like the juxtaposition of the modern clean lines of the Ikea pieces versus the intricate details of the frames and vintage jewellery boxes.


Next to the mirror are two vintage hooks I found at the Toronto Antique Market. They are used to hold some of the pieces that I wear regularly and wish to have easy access to. IMG_2163On the left hook I hang pieces that my four year-old daughter Mila has made for me over the last year. Mila has a passion for making things and I encourage her to make personal gifts for those she loves. A few days before someone’s birthday or an important event, I give her a head’s up that it is time to contribute her gift and she starts working on it tirelessly. I like that she has become a giving and considerate person. She sets time aside to create pieces for the people she cares for and takes into consideration colours, shapes and other details for each recipient of the piece. She practically squeals with delight when she sees someone she gifted to wearing her designs. I love looking at these pieces as I get ready and sometimes I’ll slip one on to finish my look (and to see that smile of hers of course).  IMG_2553

Besides “beading” to keep the kiddos occupied, I have one more secret that pertains to the make-up area. Mommas, make a make-up bag for your kiddos and take it out for them when you are getting ready, so that they can get ready too. Now, obviously this is “pretend”, but fill the bag with all kinds of sensory objects, mirrors, blush brushes, hair brushes, etc. and voila, you should have 5 minutes of uninterrupted time to get ready (if you haven’t perfected your 5 minute routine, can’t help you there). My sister came up with this idea and it’s genius, the girls love playing with their make-up bags and at least I don’t have to apply mascara with two kids on my lap rummaging through my stuff.IMG_1845Recently, my sister had accessory envy and wanted her very own accessory corner in her room, so we went to Homesense and found a frame for $50 and a mannequin for only $15! In a few minutes we had her little nook all set up. After all, Mila adores her aunt, so she needs an area to house all the special jewellery pieces Mila has made for her.
IMG_2663 (1)

I love my little accessory corner and make up area. In a house where it seems like every space is shared with others, it’s nice to have a little area just for me and my jewels. Although, I can’t help filling my little space with pictures of the people who I share all my other spaces with.  

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