Wall of Ex-Boyfriends

This is the “Wall of Ex-Boyfriends”, not my ex-boyfriends, because that would be a sad, sad wall. But I like the fantasy of being able to turn anyone who wronged you in to a stone bust and then hang their picture in your house as a reminder to others not to mess with you… heeheehee (evil laugh).


About 8 years a go, I went to Havana, Cuba for the first time. There, we visited a museum called Palacio de los Capitanes Generales and I walked around photographing the marble busts of these important figures. Given the history of Cuba, I assumed they were Cuban Revolutionaries, but I’ve recently learned that they are considered national heroes and may not have had anything to do with the revolution. Some of these men also may have been artists, which might explain the “connection” I felt. One thing is for sure, they all really value facial hair.

IMG_0764I used a bad point and shoot digital camera to take the pictures and I would love to have the opportunity to re-shoot them one day, but I am pleased with the way they turned out under the conditions. I printed the images 8″ by 10″ and purchased the frames from Ikea. The total cost of the photographs and frames was about $120, very reasonable for such a versatile piece.

I have used this series of photographs in two of my homes in two completely different layouts. In our condo, we had a long bowling alley of a hallway, so I used the frames in conjunction with large mirrors to break up the hallway and to provide visual interest as you make the long trek up and down the hallway.

Hallway of ex-boyfriends
Hallway of Ex-Boyfriends in the condo

In our new home, the frames are on a large wall in the staircase landing area.IMG_0779

I spent a little bit of time debating on the configuration and height of these frames on this large wall which is located on a landing between two sets of stairs. I decided that I would make three rows of frames and have it so that depending on which level you were on, one row would be at about your eye level. So when you are walking up the stairs, the bottom row is eye level, when you are on the landing, the middle row is eye level and when you are coming from upstairs to the landing the top row is eye level.IMG_1128I love walking by these guys everyday, looking at them and thinking about who they might be. In my opinion and in my practice, I don’t think anything has more of an impact than repetition. These images are rather “average” in quality and subject-matter on their own, but together they begin to form a story and make a memorable impact.

Here are a couple of other examples of how I have used repetition in gallery walls in my home:

Mystery men casts
Mystery men casts, The Living Room Gallery Wall
Hair flipping images
Hair flipping images, Black and White Photo Hallway

Repetition, more than any other element, gets a message across and leaves a lasting impression on the viewer. These pieces are so versatile, and can be used in any space with slight adjustments to the configuration and total number of individual pieces. No matter where I live, my Ex-Boyfriends are coming with me!

*Note – my apologies for the lesser quality photos, apparently it can be quite difficult to photograph photographs, especially at strange angles. 

Check out The Black and White Photo Wall for more inspiration!

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